UNIVERSITAS: Open workshops to migrants and Athenians

KnownOffice in collaboration with UNIVERSITAS team, which was a community of artists and educators from Germany, Greece and Syria offered creative workshops to migrants and Athenians, aiming to provide a vision of common future in which we grow together and learn from one another.


Through Arabomaθeia®, KnownOffice provided on location interpretation services working alongside with UNIVERSITAS team. Furthermore, our team provided Arabic language support for the media material of the event.


The workshops that were carried out are: “What I Saw When You Saw Me” by Gudrun Barenbrock from Germany, “Shape of thoughts” by Vilelmini Vilma Andrioti from Greece, “What if” by Manaf Halbouni from Syria, “Water and stories” by Susanne Winterling from Germany, “Our Inventory visualized” by Georgia Kotretsos from Greece, “What are we afraid of? Human connections” by Liwaa Yazji from Syria, “Basics of sound recording and processing” by Sebastian Bayse Schäfer from Germany and “Enjoying and learning the secrets of Syrian cousine” by Taher Jazmati from Syria.


The event took place during 16-28 February 2017 at Eleusis and Skaramangas Camps, Khora Athens and the premises of the Athens Biennale and was organized AthenSYN, Avtonomi Akadimia, the Athens Biennale and community center Khora Athens, in collaboration with Allianz Cultural Foundation, supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


Our office was really enthusiastic about the collaboration with all these creative artists and people, in order to contribute to the peaceful coexistence and solidarity between migrants and Athenians.

More information: http://www.athensyn.com/universitas.php

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