KnownOffice Offers branch management and business development services for the countries in the MENA region.

Welcome to Known

KNOWN is a young, dynamic consulting & PR company, based in Athens with satellite offices in Libya, Cyprus and the UAE, that specializes in guiding and supporting western clients through successfully launching, expanding and running businesses in the Arabic-speaking world.


KNOWN offers a full range of services from consulting through localization and training. We are your one-stop shop for initiating and sustaining operations in the MENA region.


KNOWN has its team of experienced partners and associates ready to carry out your project. Each client project, large or small, is carefully assessed, so we can offer you a package of services tailor-made for your needs. You save time and money, while gaining efficiency.

KNOWN has a unique team of accomplished professionals, who are equally at home in the West and in the Arabic-speaking world. When we go into the MENA region, we speak the language, we know the culture and we have our networks already in place.

Known to get things done

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News & Articles

UNIVERSITAS: Open workshops to migrants and Athenians

KnownOffice in collaboration with UNIVERSITAS team, which was a community of artists and educators from Germany, Greece and Syria offered […]

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PAPASTRATOS Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017

KnownOffice was one of the 48 shortlisted companies that participated in the PAPASTRATOS Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017, an […]

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Brand Translation is never just Word for Word Especially in the MENA

Brand and business documents translated from one language to another have issues. It is very easy to make a mistake […]

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Understanding People: Key to Better Business in the Middle East

Understand Middle East Business is Human to Human H2H Learn a Little about the History and Culture               It is Never […]

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