KnownOffice® offers In-company business Arabic language, cultural training and branding/rebranding consultation  for the Middle East.


What does Arabomaθeia® offer?

This is a language and cultural project that we run in known office,  Arabomathia is a made up word ( Brand ) ! arabo means arab and mathia means learning. Its learning or knowing Arabic! As the Greek word (Ellinomatheia) learning or knowing  Greek.

Arabic Language

Arabic Language

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Branding / Rebranding for MENA

Branding / Rebranding for MENA

KnownOffice® Team deliverer’s Arabic <>English<> Greek language courses, translation and interpretation services to public, private and non-government organizations and individuals.

Arabomaθeia services ?

  • Evaluate your brand before expanding your business/Brand in the MENA region.
  • General and business Arabic language training.
  • General and business language training focuses on presentations, reports, meetings, negotiations and every day communications – business and social.
  • Courses designed around your specific needs.
  • Typical outcomes include making company presentations, participating effectively in meetings, negotiating deals, successful business trips, writing accurate emails and reports, and improved social language skills.
  • Direct interpretation in meetings/events.

Our MENA business and cultural training courses cover business culture and MENA markets, training for sales teams, managing relocation, cultural awareness and negotiating across cultures.


  • Virtual classroom training.Instructor-led, real-time training in an online environment.Provide Internet, Intranet, and Webinar Training Classes and Resources.
  • Classroom training
  • Remote classroom


High-definition classroom training experience. Available in select U.S. locations, remote classroom training lets students learn in a Red Hat-authorized training facility, while the instructor teaches class remotely via video conferencing.


Katerina Zarifi

working in the diplomatic sector Greece

I am very enthusiastic about this new experience.It was really great! I liked it very much. I introduced myself to a new world and took some bits of another civilization which attracted me a lot.I liked very much my teacher Nadia who helped me to speak from the very first lesson and I began to read, recognize and also connect the Arabic letters with no difficulty at all. Generally I'd like to mention that I am very satisfied by my teacher and by her teaching method because she was very effective, very friendly and also could develop directly communication with the learner. I really recommend her to everyone who is interested to learn Arabic language.

Kassandra Lefakinis

Co-Owner, Valef Yachts

“Nadia is a uniquely professional individual who brings a personalable approach to her work and services provided. She is focused and thorough and brings passion to her area of expertise which heightens the experience and pleasure of working with her. She is open-minded and constantly aims to develop ideas to bring her work and partnerships to the next level. Nadia is surely an asset to any team.”

Katja Ehrhardt

Executive Director

In the frame of our project “Universitas” with artistic workshops from February 16-28, 2017 in Athens for migrants from Arabic-speaking countries, we have collaborated with KnownOffice, 8B, Mesogeion Avenue, Ampelokipoi 11527, Athens, Greece. They provided translation services for our project flyers and posters as well as interpreters for the workshops themselves. Their services have been excellent in every way – friendly, reliant, timely, professional. Their responses were quick, assistance was provided immediately in times of need. Apart from their professionalism, they showed a genuine interest in and love for the work they were doing. I can highly recommend them.

Anastasia Kiritsi

Marketing & Communications Manager /Luxury Tourism /Shipping Management /Author/Speaker

My teacher was a dedicated professional with great communication skills, ideal for mentoring. I am very glad she is my Arabic teacher and would highly recommend her as she is passionate and loves what she does.


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